#3Rules – Day 13

This morning, I was making breakfast. (1 hour slow cooked bacon) And I opened the fridge and saw some ravioli in a bowl in there. I took it out. Looked at it for about 10 seconds. Realized:

THIS is not going to help me with my goal, refined carbohydrates in the morning are not going to decrease my illiac crest site or my sub scap site.

THIS is not something I need- my food is cooking.

THIS is going to make my blood sugar rise for the next 6-8 hours, then I will want something that is not good for me later.

THIS is going to comprise my gut health, I want to remove gluten so I can reclaim my fricken waist again.

And I put it back. I went upstairs, I did some work, had 2 teas (Organic Cocoa Canella from DavidsTea) and waited for my bacon.

Be mindful of the food you are eating. Every single thing that goes in your mouth is going to have an impact on your body composition. Its either going to help you or hinder you.