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1 Year Later

All it took was a walk with Lloyd. I walked around the side of the house and I saw something that reminded me some unpleasant feelings. You know what that was? It was a patch of grass with a little bit of snow on it. It was the same spot that these photos were taken

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Elevated Insulin & Fat Loss

Straight from Harvard University: Here is the link – If fat loss is your goal, choose low glycemic index/low glycemic load more often   1 BioSig appointment left for Saturday morning

Slow Cooked Bacon

I have had many people contact me about slow cooked bacon. Why do I slow cook bacon? Based on essential nutrients only, bacon is the highest nutrient containing pork product. Choose high quality bacon – support your local farmers. Slow-cooking keeps most of the nutrients. 1) Set oven on the lowest temperature 2) Put bacon

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How to Lose Body Fat – Calves

Based on BioSignature Modulation – There are 12 Sites in your body where you store body fat based on hormones. Your calf site is a reflection of your growth hormone production. Growth hormone is essential for fat loss as well as building muscle. Since you produce growth hormone while you sleep – the key to

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Q&A – Starting Paleo Diet

Ally, “I have a question about the Paleo Diet. Is there a website with recipes or meal plans? I did a detox last year which worked but it cuts out everything!!! Now I try to do no gluten or dairy. I need to lose 20lbs by June.” – Kris Kris, Right from the beginning, I

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dr. seuss

Be Thankful

Earlier this year, I learned something from one of the best strength coaches in the world, Charles Poliquin. He recommended to his students at the BioSignature course I took in June to start a “Grateful Log”. In his experience, this has been an effective tool for helping people improve the quality of sleep as it

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Drinking Calories?

Yes – everyone knows don’t drink your calories. But what is missing from this post is the hormonal impact of these drinks. If you care about fat loss, you should care about managing insulin levels. None of these drinks will do you any favors, especially if you aren’t carb tolerant or insulin sensitive. The mocha?

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#3Rules – Day 13

This morning, I was making breakfast. (1 hour slow cooked bacon) And I opened the fridge and saw some ravioli in a bowl in there. I took it out. Looked at it for about 10 seconds. Realized: THIS is not going to help me with my goal, refined carbohydrates in the morning are not going

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