Body Image & Fitness

I don’t want to be just your trainer- I hope to be more than that to you. Many of you, I have gotten to know particularly well, and in turn- I like to share things with you about myself. Recently, I have been on the receiving end of some turmoil by retouching a photograph on my Facebook page. My intentions were never to represent something I am not- but rather just adjust some minor cosmetic things. I didn’t really think twice about it.

Someone mentioned that they would only hire a personal trainer based on what they look like assuming they would have worked really hard to get to that body and alluded to photoshop being false advertising. Although I apparently took this the wrong way, at the time it felt like this person was saying I was not what a personal trainer should look like.

I’ll just share some quick info about myself. I am a size 10 in Lulu- I am about 175lbs, last time my body fat was done it was 25% and I am about 5’11. But here’s the thing- NONE OF THIS IS RELEVANT. Do any of those numbers indicate how many hours in a day I spend in the Paleo blogosphere? Do those numbers tell you that I went to school for fitness?? Do those numbers tell you I was bullied in public school about my weight?

What those numbers DON’T tell you:

  • I have a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion
  • In college- my favorite courses were in Exercise Physiology
  • I have the highest level of Personal Training available in Canada- I am certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology
  • I am a Kickboxing instructor
  • I attended an 8 hour seminar in December about Nutrition Science which was AMAZING
  • In June- I will be a BioSignature Modulation Practioner
  • I can deadlift 185 lbs and I can leg press 360 lbs
  • I have listened to ALL 127 episodes of The Paleo Solution, All 27 episodes of RHR with Chris Kresser, and 24 Episodes of Everyday Paleo podcast.
  • In public school – in grade 7  & 8 – mostly boys, called me “cow” and In grade 9 – I was borderline anorexic because of my fear of eating in front of people
  • I can tell you exactly what to your body and why – when you take ADHD medication and run 5x a week.
  • I know what is the correct position the abductor/adductor machines should be facing in a gym and WHY and I can tell you exactly where a trainer should be sitting when your personal training someone and you are doing stretches – and why this is significant.

Bottom LINE is the way I look – doesn’t indicate ANYTHING about my background in fitness and my abilities to help my clients.

Remember folks – I am here to help you look, feel and/or perform better. Nothing matters less to me than your weight, body fat or size in lululemon- and this shouldn’t matter to you.  Because is has NOTHING to do with who you are on the inside.