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Pumpkin Spice Recipes

In an effort to shame the corporate fast food industry of not including pumpkin in any of their pumpkin recipes, I have decided I would spend a Wednesday night way past my bedtime scouring Pinterest for some pumpkin recipes that looked good based on the food photography.  Because I’m well aware that some of these recipes

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Top 5 Summer Fitness Fails

Top 5 Summer Fitness Fails 1. Taking a break from working out. Anyone who’s worked in the fitness industry will tell you April, May & June are often busier than January. However – July and August? Crickets.  How fast can you lose muscle? Some studies indicate as little as 72 hours. Exposing yourself to strength training at

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Hiring a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer can be a costly expense, so I wanted to cover some points before you invest your time and money into this service. Know Your Goal Before you even think about hiring a trainer, I would recommend knowing exactly the reason why you want one in the first place. Your reasons could

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If you were a hockey player and you were offered an job working with Wayne Gretzky would you do it? If you were a singer and were asked to collaborate with Celine Dion would you do it? If you were a chef, and had the opportunity to cook with Gordon Ramsay?Would you do it? Of

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Chico, California Trip

Sacramento Airport Backyard Chico chickens Fragoso’s are raising meat birds. Very cost effective way to eat quality chicken. Breakfast in Chico- Very cool place. Easy lunch My dog away from home Afternoon fun time with their mom! They taught me how to skateboard, which basically ended with me on my ass. Sarah cooking these amazing

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