Brewing Kombucha

In August, when I was in Boston at the Ancestral Health Symposium, there was a Whole Foods across the road from my hotel. I knew what Whole Foods was, but I had never been, so I was really excited.

On the first day, the drinks section caught my eye. I saw all different kinds of Kombucha. For those of you who might have never heard of Kombucha (pronounced Calm-BOO-Cha) its essentially a probiotic drink. Probiotics are are live microorganisms that may confer a health benefit on the host – they don’t repopulate your existing bacteria inside your body, but they modulate the immune system.

So I decided to buy 2 since they were on sale, and I knew I would want drinks for at the hotel. In the middle of the night, I woke up extremely thirsty and decided to try it. DISGUSTING. It was the worst tasting drink I had ever had. But I kept drinking it. Then I drank the other bottle. Even though it tasted weird – it grew on me real fast and I loved it.

I went back everyday and got some – they had so many kinds and I needed to try as many as I could because the closest Whole Foods to me is an hour and a half away in Toronto.

Anyways – one day I was in Joanne’s Place in Peterborough, and I noticed they had some. Not nearly as many kinds as the one in Boston, so I got some, then eventually was finding myself going there everyday to get a bottle. They are slightly addicting.

But at almost $5 a bottle (They were 2 for $5 in Boston)  this addiction was adding up fast. My friend Jill told me she brews her own and one day we met up and she gave me the SCOBY. (Which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) 

So I followed the instructions she e-mailed me, and I had saved all the bottles of the Kombucha I was buying, so I was able to recycle those for when it came time to bottle it.

I don’t think my brew is better than the stuff in stores – but I am learning the process (fermenting, bottling AND flavouring) Anyways – here are some pictures – its pretty gross…


Flavoured this batch with organic berries