Drinking Calories?

Yes – everyone knows don’t drink your calories. But what is missing from this post is the hormonal impact of these drinks.

If you care about fat loss, you should care about managing insulin levels. None of these drinks will do you any favors, especially if you aren’t carb tolerant or insulin sensitive.

The mocha? Still sugar but what about the caffeine content?

 If you are run down, not getting enough sleep, over exercising, stressed out- this will not help you. This is going to show up in your cortisol site.

But what about neurotransmitters? Orange Juice will stimulate serotonin – which will actually make you sleepy.

This is also counts for the “liquid food” – shakes, etc. There is a time and place for that – its in the post-workout and I would bet most people don’t work out hard enough to even have that as an option on the table.

We have known for a long time, a calorie isn’t a calorie. Where those calories come from matter, as well as the hormonal response from each drink/food.