Duck Fat Sweet Potato Fries



Alright – As promised, here is my very simply recipe for duck fat sweet potato fries.

I purchased the duck fat from – It was $5.99 or something for a container of it.

As I’m THINLY slicing the sweet potato, I am heating the spoonful of duck fat on high. I then add the sweet potato to the pan once its hot – you will know when its hot because the duck fat will be a liquid. Careful when you are dropping the sweet potato in – You do NOT want to get burnt by duck fat (Michelle McDonald burn) I basically stand there and watch the sweet potato slices cooking stirring frequently. Once they start turning brownish – thats GO time. They are practically done. Remove from heat and take them the HELL out of the pan because the oil is hot as shit and will continue to cook them.

I also sprinkled some cajun spice on my sweet potato fries. Flavor it however you want.

Don’t you dare throw out the oil – let it cool and smear it on the floor to keep your dog busy while you are trying to eat your WHEY-FED bacon (Also from Primal Cuts) in peace the following morning.