So I can’t even begin to explain the importance of proper footwear. I’m sure many health care professionals would agree that correct body mechanics start from the ground up. If your footwear situation is a mess- you are playing a nasty game of orthopedic roulette.

First things first – No Shape-Ups or Anything with a “toning” claim. These are not suitable for anything. The only thing that these shoes prove is that the companies marketing department did a fantastic job recruiting Kim Kardashian. (Her ass likely comes from an insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) deficiency- but thats neither here nor there) There are plenty of examples of issues with these footwear: 

What are you needing the footwear FOR? Are you running? General gym shoe? Olympic lifting? Walking? These questions matter.

I’m back and forth on what to recommend for running. But first- ask yourself why are you running? (Fat loss is not the answer for this). If you are running for sport- we can proceed. Go to the Running Room – get fitted. I found out I was wearing the wrong shoes for YEARS based on my gait assessment.

If you are a legitimate runner – Check out some info on footwear, heel striking, etc. Awesome information. Dan Lieberman is a super smart dude- He was one of the presenters at the Ancestral Health Symposium that I attended earlier this month.

Shoes for the Gym

You can’t go wrong with a cross-trainer. Get fitted.

Walking Shoe – I’d go with the Vibrams- more natural for walking.


Ok…So first things first- I get it. They look weird. It’s time to get over it. They are amazing. I have used them for running, walking, and weight lifting. I was actually running tonight on grass in them, and I could definitely feel the lack of support- but I don’t ever run on grass. Plus it was a race, so I wasn’t thinking very much about anything else.

I have had mine since March of this year – and they are great. I remember when I was in Toronto for a course back in June, and I had to do a lot of walking. The first day of the course, I wore flip-flops. But the third day – I had so much pain in my outer shin that I really didn’t have much of a choice- the vibrams were goin’ on. Within minutes of walking, that pain was gone.

These are my Vibrams

Safety matters – These are never appropriate for lifting weights.


Unrelated to working out – But if you have something similar to this – just get rid of them.

Hope this information was helpful. I also forgot to mention one thing. If you had the best of the best running shoes…in 1994 – Time to upgrade. Footwear needs to be replaced with use.