How to Lose Body Fat – Calves

Based on BioSignature Modulation – There are 12 Sites in your body where you store body fat based on hormones. Your calf site is a reflection of your growth hormone production.

Growth hormone is essential for fat loss as well as building muscle. Since you produce growth hormone while you sleep – the key to leaner calves (as well as being leaner everywhere else) is better sleep quality.

The 3 things I have done to improve quality of sleep:

1) Installed Blackout Curtains – Keep room as dark as possible is essential for quality sleep – I took the picture below this morning – I was comparing the light coming into my room with and without the curtains.

2) Magnesium Supplementation – I have been taking magnesium on and off for 2 years. I absolutely notice a difference in how fast I fall asleep as well as staying asleep. Choose the highest quality magnesium you can find – like anything else – quality matters.

3) Removing electricity from the bedroom – No TV, UNPLUG EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turn off the breaker to your room if you can. The only thing I have plugged in is my fan for white noise. If you have any visible LED lights – cover them up with electrical tape. Light exposure has been known to increase estrogen.


These tips aren’t meant to be the cure-all for losing body fat. These are small things that make up the big picture. And if you want to know about the “big picture” – Book a BioSignature Modulation appointment or if you are in bootcamp – I can do it before class.

The next BioSignature Day is November 10th.