Italian Tomato Basil Meat Cupcakes

2It is already Wednesday – which means its the day AFTER Sons of Anarchy. Which means that mornings slightly suck.  When I returned from California, I was staying out in Warsaw at my parents house. I have some friends who lived just down the road from my parents place, and they bought the channel that airs SOA. I have since moved to Peterborough, but this creature of habit enjoys watching the show with them so I find Tuesdays end up being a late night for me – getting home around 11:30pm-12am. The thing I absolutely need to stop doing on those late nights is turning on my computer when I get home. I know that damn screen messes with me – I could be sitting there until 3am – tired but not yet wanting to sleep. *I am aware of those blue light blocking goggles. I’m just not sure I want to commit to being that girl.

 Its just one of those things where you KNOW what you need to do but you just continue to procrastinate anyways. Turning off electronics an hour before bed falls into the wishful thinking category, along with no caffeine after 2pm, going for an hour walk everyday, foam rolling after workouts, washing your hair on the 3rd day instead of the 4th, etc. PERFECT segway into the MEAL PREPARATION topic. One of those things that you know you should do.  I will say I’ve been getting pretty good at this lately. I’m all about the lazy hacks – its actually pretty convenient to just cook up a bunch of food at once for a couple days in advance so you don’t have to do it again during the week.  Lazy Cooking – That could be my cookbook title, Victory Belt.

So – I’m one of those crazy people who believe that you should have a high protein food-based breakfast. So I have recommended to my clients doing my Corrective Nutrition program to make meatballs (or Meat Cupcakes) for breakfast. If you do shift work – this has been tested on one of my police officer clients – and it worked really well for him. He also added in bulletproof coffee – which is supposed to help with mental clarity and focus. Also…. energy. He said he had so much energy,  he gave out 13 tickets in one day (17 is standard for the month). So,  those of you who want to try Bulletproof Coffee – while your brain is working at a faster pace – make sure your vehicle is not.

So those who know me well, wouldn’t say that I would be known for demonstrating any culinary talent in the kitchen. So that fact that I am beginning to enjoy it is pretty crazy. I really have 3 people to thank for this – Sarah Fragoso for letting me even enter her kitchen and touch anything. Even though I was probably holding a dog or watching YouTube videos – the gift of ADHD is that I picked up on a lot of things you were doing. Jessica Lee – for letting me almost destroy her appliances, cookware and then ever so kindly teaching me the ways. And Travis Berlenbach for always showing me how to do things in the kitchen.                

Oh and by the way – I have like 4 more of these. And a list of about 10 others I am going to try to make! Enjoy!     Tomato Basil Italian Meat Cupcakes-page-001