Learn Something New Everyday…..

I came across some article about how it’s good for your brain to learn new things and actually spend some time everyday intentionally trying to learn new things.

I firmly believe YouTube is one of the greatest resources of all time for this. Google helps as well obviously. I have recently spent some time learning some things related to technology – (I learned how to create a website, and some other computer applications)

So today I learned something new! Kind of excited about this. I have always understood that one of the biggest places we are getting ripped off is when we take our vehicles in for maintenance. I will do some phoning around to confirm this but replacing an air filter is way my expensive then it needs to be.

From my understanding, in my car there are 2 types of air filters. One is the one under the hood and the other one is located through my glove compartment (cabin air filter). A simple YouTube search yielded many videos that showed how simple it is to change your cabin air filter. You can buy these at Crappy Tire: http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/4/Auto/FiltersTuneUp/EngineFiltersPCV/PRDOVR~1232485P/FRAM+Fresh+Breeze+Cabin+Air+Filter.jsp?locale=en

And here is the video that shows how to do it:


So easy right?

Anyways- I challenge you to spend some time every day – to learn something new.