12823029_10153970785938545_1218171532_oAmber, 35

“I wanted to get in shape as well as improve my strength and agility. Working out in large gyms has always been a fear of mine. I have spent hundreds of dollars on memberships at large gyms and then not had the confidence to go or the accountability like I do with Ally, so I never went. In short, the large atmosphere at a big name gym terrifies me.

Ally is an amazing trainer. She builds up your confidence each class, and the small groups make it feel more like spending time with friends then working out.  I never believed I could accomplish what I have in the last 6 months.  I was apprehensive my first day. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to do things right, but Ally made us feel comfortable and showed us the proper way to lift. I feel so confident now lifting and knowing that I’m doing exercises properly, and that I’m not going to hurt myself from doing it wrong.

For the first time in my life I looking forward to tues and thurs at 5pm. I look forward to improving my strength and lifting more, and I also look forward to seeing the amazing girls I work out with each week. I’m not just working out. I’m building friendships. Not to mention how wonderful everyone at the gym has been to my daughter. And being able to teach her to become strong.

Hybrid is amazing. You feel like part of the family with anyone that trains there. Josh is amazing with all of Ally’s clients and has been wonderful with my daughter when she has been there as well. Hybrid is upscale and always clean and really unique.

Ally is just plain amazing. She is a trainer a friend and an all around great person. She cares about every single individual she works out with. And wants us all to be more confident worth ourselves. You really couldn’t ask for someone better to help you meet your goals.

Amber’s Achievements:

  • I am so proud of how strong I have become and also that I actually have been going at least twice a week to a gym for the first time in my life.
  • My strength as increased huge
  • I have learned how to stretch properly to avoid injury.
  • I know mobilization techniques to help with muscle soreness and how they became sore in the first place.
  • I have become confident in lifting weights and in going to the gym

Karen, 54

“At first, I had some reservations because I am overweight and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up in class. Ally helped me with my reservations: She is wonderful and informed. She makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Since starting, I feel stronger and want to keep going to lose weight. I love the classes and what each new class brings. Hybrid has a great atmosphere, love the class sizes, everyone is friendly and very comfortable working out here.

Karen’s Achievements:

  • Stronger
  • Losing inches
  • Feeling of accomplishment when lifting heavy weights

Adeline, 28,

IMG_7489I wanted to get stronger and healthier.  When I started, I was nervous that my fitness level would make it difficult to keep up in class. If I was having difficulty with any exercises or drills, Ally would notice, ask how I was doing, and modify the exercise to suit me best. Previous to Kickstart, I didn’t have a clue how to lift properly, but I was excited to learn how. With Ally’s guidance, I now feel very confident with all of the lifts in our rotation.

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are my favourite days of the week. The women in the class are incredibly supportive of each other and it is such a positive environment to learn and lift. I was never fond of working out, getting strong or getting sweaty until I gave this program a chance. When I’ve doubted that I would be able to lift a certain amount of weight, simply because of how high the number was, and then successfully completing the lift makes me the most proud. I’ve gotten compliments about how much weight I’ve lost, and that I look great, but my favourite compliment comes from the gals in my class, telling me how strong I am.

Adeline’s Achievements

  • Lost 40lbs
  • Lost inches
  • Improved strength
  • Improved mobility

Samantha, 27

IMG_7261“I had taken classes with Ally before and loved then I was looking to get back into and she was my first choice. Initially, I was very nervous about everything. Working out can be such an intimidating thing when your first starting out.  Ally has this way about her. She is very personable and has a very welcoming and non-judgment environment. It makes me feel at ease. On my first day, I was nervous and felt awful about myself. Today I am super confident and am loving the changes I am seeing.

I love coming to classes. I look forward to ever Tuesday and Thursday; I’m addicted and can’t get enough! I’ve never felt this way before. This is the longest I have ever stuck with a work out program. People have been constantly complementing me on how much weight I’ve lost and how great I look!

Hybrid is amazing! It’s such a welcoming environment full of awesome, fun, caring people.  I feel Ally is a very awesome person. She has such an awesome impact on people. She should be very proud of herself. She is a gem!

Samantha’s Achievements 

  • I’ve dropped 4 pant sizes
  • Changed my eating habits
  • I’ve become active in my everyday life
  • I’ve become an all around happier person

Jenn, 34

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.20.32 PM“I have been working with Ally for 2 years and have always liked the approach she has taken to introducing clients to new movements and training. I had always been interested in lifting weights but didn’t know where to start. Before I started working with Ally, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do her program, that I would be pushed too hard. Ally’s goal is to build people up, not break them down. She has worked with me and my weaknesses to develop strengths.

On my first day of Kickstart, I felt weak. Now I feel empowered and strong and I can do anything I put my mind into. I love coming to class. I have only ever liked organized sports that don’t feel like exercise (hockey, baseball). But with these classes I feel like I have a group of friends wanting to see me succeed with my lifts and strength goals. Ally is always able to work with you to modify the exercises if you have a physical limitation. She wants to see you succeed. I am most proud when I am putting my strength to the test each week and setting PR’s regularly, even while pregnant.

I have received compliments on my muscle definition, my strength is outstanding considering my size and that I seem happier and content.

Hybrid is an inviting, friendly and fun facility. I feel at home while I’m there. Like it’s my gym too. I feel like I belong to a family and that everyone has my back. Lifting and spending time with Ally and the fantastic women who are also a part of this program is my therapy. Thank you all for being so great and making this program so important to me.

Jenn’s Achievements

  • Became significantly stronger mentally and physically
  • Better body image
  • Gaining muscle tone and definition
  • Lifting weights I never thought I would

Tammy, 46

“I wanted a program that would help me feel good about myself and increase mobility.I  have social anxiety so doing things around people I don’t know is hard for me. The fear of not being able to ‘keep up’ was also a huge issue for me. The classes are small so that made be feel instantly comfortable which helps both of the reservations that I felt.  Not once have I felt that I couldn’t ‘keep up’.  Ally is a such a sweet person, caring and an amazing trainer, she makes you feel instantly comfortable.  I truly feel that we have a friendship.  Ally cares about every single person and shares in the joy that we feel when we accomplish something that we didn’t think we could.  Now I feel more confident and more comfortable with myself.  I am stronger.

I really do look forward to classes each week.  I love to the see the changes from night to night, week to week, not just mine but all the girls.  The friendships I have made are a sweet bonus.  It feels like we are all family.  I haven’t always felt that way about exercise or going to the gym,  I would have lost interest by now and quit.

My goals were really about mobility, now and the future. Having Lupus that affects my joints I am trying to do what I can now to try and stay off medications in my future.

The atmosphere at Hybrid is amazing.  You feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.  Everyone is so welcoming, feels like family.

Tammy’s Acheivements

  • Improved mobility
  • Increased strength
  • Improved confidence
  • Gaining muscle tone and definition

Sarah, 28

“Before starting, I read good reviews online, and heard good things about Ally. My biggest concern was that it would be “military style”. That modifications wouldn’t be offered for injuries. Ally asked me from the beginning if I had any injuries/issues and provided modifications before I even did an exercise. On my first day I was excited to start and even more so now! Great to see so many gains.

I look forward to class, but haven’t always felt that way about exercise classes I have attended previously. This is because of the women in the class as well as Ally being a friend as well as a trainer and very kind and approachable.

The atmosphere at Hybrid is enjoyable, fun, comfortable and supportive. -I really enjoy the program I am participating in at Peterborough Strength and look forward to continuing.”

Sarah’s Achievements

  • Increased strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • More energy
  • Inches lost

Dayna, 43

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.07.26 PM“I started with Ally because I wanted to build and maintain strength as I get older. I wanted to get stronger, prevent injuries and regain range of motion. I suffered from a previous shoulder issue and was nervous about not being able to partake in the exercises in Kickstart. I felt a little nervous. Now I have complete confidence in what we are doing and trust Ally’s invaluable advice and expertise! Ally was amazing; She always had alternative ways for me to complete the movement and she provided mobility exercises that have improved my shoulder much greater than left alone ( or with the wrong trainer!!)

I look very forward to coming to her classes and hate when I have to miss! Hybrid has a welcoming, fun and knowledgable atmosphere and staff.”

Dayna’s Achievements

  • Much stronger
  • More confident
  • Regaining range of motion

Suzy, 28

IMG_7307“I did Ally’s bootcamp before and loved it.  I was excited to join #peterboroughstrength First day of Kickstart I was nervous I wouldn’t be as strong as some of the other gals or wouldn’t do things properly. I wanted to be able to do the lifts properly and see improvement in how much weight I could lift. Proper posture and technique were things I really wanted to do right as well and Ally has an effective way of showing and explaining this.

I look forward to classes Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Definitely have not ever felt that way about exercise.  I look forward to the part where Ally says “open your books” And we find out what we are doing in that class. I like that we stretch a lot and have the opportunity to say what’s sore /what do we need to work on.

Hybrid atmosphere is exciting, home-y, fun, chill and professional. Also the atmosphere is opening so we can ask questions.”

Suzy’s Achievements

  • Bench press increase in weight
  • Squat increase in weight
  • Ability to plank on my toes- not with my knees anymore
  • I can do a small box Jump which I never even thought I’d be able to do
  • More energy
  • Ability to use the hashtag #girlswholift 😉

Melynda. “Over 30, under 40!”

I started with Ally because I wanted to get back into a routine during and after my pregnancies. When I first started, I was worried that I was going to have to do something that required a high level of coordination! She assured me that would NEVER happen, and offered up many different options.

Since starting her Kickstart, I feel more confident with lifting outside of the ‘Hybrid’ environment. I’ve always been a ‘gym person’, but being able to figure out a workout routine has been nice.

I look forward to coming. I love to exercise, and I’m disappointed when I miss a class because of shift-work. Hybrid is great. Ally has been at several locations and this is the best location yet. Everyone is friendly, and welcoming.

Ally is great. I was worried at first because she’s fairly reserved when you first meet her. Having said that, she’s become a friend over the years, and I really appreciate what she does.

Melynda’s Achievements

  • Baby weight is gone.
  • Concentration on running has changed to weight training.
  • Receives lots of compliments on her hair.