Old Testimonials

Ann from Austin:

As a participant in Ally Sharpe’s 6-week fat loss camp (via the internet) I can say I was fully satisfied with the results. Never was there an expectation on extreme results, drastic results or immediate results, however, there was a focus on progressively positive results. I’m used to programs that heap information on you in the beginning and then, largely, leave you high and dry for the rest of the program. That is not the case with Ally.

From the beginning I knew this would be different. Our first week we made one tiny change to my regular routine. I was shocked! I wanted the whole thing, all at once, right now! But that is where the beauty of Ally’s program really shines. None of the programs in the past that heaped information on me in the past had worked.
Every week we made small changes, and she listened. If something worked, we kept it; if something didn’t work, we took it away. We tweaked, and talked and I emphasize the WE. I never felt alone during the program and I really found out that I enjoyed the process. I’m still progressing after the six weeks, and I’m still getting stronger. I would recommend this program to anyone who prefers progress to the unattainable ideal of perfection.





I have always had issues with my weight and have tried numerous ways of losing weight.  I Have tried weight watchers 3 times, herbal magic and even did the personal trainer at the gym.  In all those programs I did lose weight, but found once done with them I gained all the weight back.  When this new year came around again I once again made my new years’ resolution, to lose weight and become healthy.  I started back at the gym, but felt that I wasn’t getting the results I was wanting.  I looked for a boot camp class.  I have had friends who have done them and rave about them and had great results.  I found Ally’s website and really liked what I read, so, I signed up.   I started with Ally in March 2013 with her regular boot camp class.  I felt I was getting good success with her regular boot camp class and really liked the challenge. At the end of that session Ally was offering a new Fatloss Boot camp.  I read what the Fatloss Boot camp was all about and liked what Ally was offering with the class and felt it was just what I needed.
I have now done 2 sessions of the Fatloss Boot camp and have had great results.  Ally has taught me lots as to what and how things affect your body (diet/sleep/exercise/stress ), the biggest thing of course is diet.  So I started out by doing the food journaling and that makes you really realize as to what all you are eating.  Then of course, you have to hand that in to Ally and then she makes suggestions.   So Ally explains as to how those certain foods affect your body and where they all go.  Changing my diet started out by cutting out breads, which was one of my biggest challenges.  After not eating it for a couple of weeks now I don’t really miss it.  When I did have a piece of bread  I felt crappy, and then realized it wasn’t worth it anymore.  With changing your diet it is amazing as to how it affects you.  I have never felt so good in my life.  I have now changed my style of eating to the Paleo way, by not eating not nearly as much processed foods as I use too.  The workouts have made me feel so much better about my fitness level.  I still have a long way to go but I have lost almost 20lbs in 12 weeks with the guidance of Ally.  I am going to continue on with Ally and the Fatloss Boot camp and take the challenges of some of the other classes she has to offer as well.  Starting at 204lbs first session I lost 8.5lbs and my Bio signature improved lots, end of second session I lost another 9lbs and can tell by my pictures that things are improving all over.
Thank You Ally!!



“For years I claimed I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. I thought I was really good at hiding how big I had become with oversized sweaters and loose fitting pants. If I tried on a pair of pants that were too small I would keep trying on different styles in the same size until I could find one to squeeze into because I refused to buy a size bigger. I told myself the pants just fit small and it wasn’t me. Jogging pants and pyjama bottoms became my best friend on evenings and weekends because they always fit. Finally one November day in 2010 I realized it wasn’t the pants being sized wrong, it was actually me. My sister was getting married and I knew I wanted to look back at the pictures and be happy with how I looked in them because wedding pictures are always displayed for the world to see and would not just go away if I was unhappy with how I looked in them. I decided it was time to change my lifestyle but I did it in steps. I started by changing the way I ate because the thought of exercising at over 220lbs was scary and seemed almost impossible. I started by changing all my snacks to fruits or vegetables. Then I started eating less at meals, still enough so my body was getting what it needed but not over eating. It only took a few weeks for me to start feeling like I could attempt to exercise and I started just by walking a little bit a few days a week. As I started to eat better I felt like exercising more because it made me feel that much better. At the beginning of 2011 I heard about bootcamp but thought it sounded too intense for someone as out of shape as me. As I learned more about it I realized it was worth a try. I was exercising at home but knew I needed something that would mix things up and keep things new for me. I had joined gyms in the past and was very motivated to go and stuck with it for a few weeks or months but eventually the novelty wore off and I stopped going. I kind of assumed the same thing would happen with bootcamp but I figured if it helped me reach my goal then it was worth a try. I have now been with Ally Sharpe bootcamp for almost a full year now and I beyond love it! It helped me reach my goal but more importantly I just feel 100 times betters. I have so much more energy. I know that Tuesdays and Thursdays I have bootcamp and have made it fit my schedule. I don’t think we have ever done the same exercise 2 times in the past year. Every night is different which helps because I never get bored with it. The best part is you can do it at your own pace. Instead of being told to do 50 jumping jacks she gives you a minute to do however many you can. Some people might do 50 or more but if you can only do 10 or 20 then that is all you have to do. You compare yourself with your abilities and not with the people around you. The next time you do jumping jacks you might do 30 in that minute and feel successful because you have set a new personal best. It’s about finding your strengths, setting your own goals and beating your personal best. My weight loss goal in November of 2010 was to lose 60 lbs by my sister’s wedding in July and I DID IT!! I could never have done it without the motivation and determination. Changing how I thought about food was a big part to my success. My family was unbelievably supportive and I know I wouldn’t have reached my goal without them changing their lifestyles as well. I joined Ally Sharpe Bootcamp to help me reach my goal and now I am sticking with it simply because how much better I feel about myself.” – Carolynn


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