Top 10 – USA Edition

These will reflect things I have noticed during the week that I feel are important to share. These can range from observations, products, services and food. *These will always be grain free/gluten free.*

1) Chipotle – Do I ever love Chipotle! This stop is a must every time I visit the States. You can easily make this grain free/dairy free/legume free. I usually get the Chicken Bowl.


2) Beef Jerky is a must have travel snack for me. Found this stuff at Target and it was great!


3) This was a major big deal and probably the reason why we went to the US in the first place. I’ve heard so much about this and I was very excited to find this at Trader Joes! Butter made from GrassFed Cows! I bought 8. They were only $3-4?each?


4) I guess I should have posted this first! TRADER JOES! This was my first time ever going to a Trader Joes and I was super excited. Aside from the store being a zoo, I loved it and can’t wait to go back! This is right in Tonawanda along Niagara Falls Blvd, right near the Target.


5) Free Range chicken broth? For this price? You can’t even get shitty old Campbell’s for that.


6) Pumpkin Soup! I had this for lunch today – picked it up at Trader Joes!


7) I haven’t used this yet – but I’m excited to try it! I picked up 2 cans!


8) I picked these up from Dicks Sporting Goods. This will be my second pair of Innov8s. These are actually the same model as my other pair, just different colours. I love minimalist shoes! I got these at the Galleria. Innov8s have been difficult to find as they are not a common brand. The guy working at the Dicks in Tonawanda hadn’t even heard of them.


9) I bought this at Target for the purpose of Cold brewing. (Google that if you want to know what that is) I love it! Especially when I bulletproof if with my KerryGold butter!


10) Last but not least: Be careful. For those of you who can do “moderation” well- go for it. For those who can’t- maybe buy the single serve packages. I ate this with a spoon in 3 days. Whoops.


* Let me know if you want me to review something or find out about a product or anything. I would be happy to look into it!

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