Top 5 Summer Fitness Fails

Top 5 Summer Fitness Fails

1. Taking a break from working out. Anyone who’s worked in the fitness industry will tell you April, May & June are often busier than January. However – July and August? Crickets.  How fast can you lose muscle? Some studies indicate as little as 72 hours. Exposing yourself to strength training at least once per week hitting all the essential human movements (push, pull, hinge, squat and loaded carry) will at least preserve some of the work you did during the winter or spring. Many gyms offer discounts during the summer months as well. Ally’s Summer Fit Tip #1: Don’t have an all or nothing approach. Something is better than nothing. Walking outside in the summer is one of the best exercises you can do!

2. Alcohol. Without getting too science-y, alcohol is made up primarily of carbohydrates which get processed by the liver into sugar. In order to create a fat-burning environment, we have to allow our body to use our own body fat for energy. If your body isn’t burning fat for energy, it is likely burning sugar – or worse – muscle. Alcohol will 100% slow down a fat loss goal. In the summer, watch out for sugary slushy drinks, beer and cocktails.  Ally’s Summer Fit Tip #2: Keep drinks clear and sugar free. Down here in California, we do wine or the NorCal Margarita

 3. Social Events. Whether its weddings, Jack & Jills, cottages, parties, etc. – you will be around food that won’t always align with a fat loss goal. I like to practice the whole “What do I want more – this Blizzard on a Tuesday night at 9pm, or a glass of wine at an event on a Saturday night?” Ally’s Summer Fit Tip #3: Choose indulgences strategically. 

4. Poor Sleep. Sleep is the #1 hack to fat loss. Specifically – belly fat. When you are getting good quality (and quantity) of sleep on a regular basis, you will be fully optimizing your fat burning hormones. It’s tough in the summer so do what you can to make your sleeping environment better. Studies show that your body sleeps better in cooler temperatures – get some fans, turn on the A/C, etc. You will also sleep better in a darker room. better in a darker room. Ally’s Summer Fit Tip #4: Cover up LED lights in the bedroom with electrical tape and keep a roll of it in your suitcase when you are travelling. Blackout blinds are a great investment. I have the Eclipse brand – they are around $15-20 a panel. I purchased mine at WalMart)

5. Ignoring the seasonal approach to nutrition. Whoa. What does that even mean? Imagine there weren’t any grocery stores, only Farmer’s Markets. Think about the type of produce that is available at your Farmer’s Market in the winter; Potatoes, yams, turnip, apples. These are very starchy carbohydrates that your body would needs to increase body fat for survival. In the summer, the produce available in your area would be very different right? A lot of vegetables – all pretty low in carbohydrates, which is ideal because in hot temperatures because you don’t need to accumulate body fat.Ally’s Tip: Shop at your local Farmer’s Market and buy produce that is in season!


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Have a great summer everyone!

– Ally Sharpe