Walk Everyday in May – Printable PDF

Hey Everyone,

Since it’s starting to get nicer out, I want to see everyone out walking. Plain, simple walking has many benefits and hardly any risks (unlike running, biking, etc.) Since ya’ll know I’m into the evolutionary scene, walking is the great grandmother of all forms of exercise.

One of the main factors with fat loss is stress management, and walking will definitely help with that. There are some great trails in the area; This past Saturday I did about 3k of walking at the Warsaw Caves…in my Vibrams. It was quite the leg workout let me tell you! I also like Burnham Park across from the Honda Dealership and Jacksons Park. If you have any other good spots- feel free to add them in the comment section below!

So get walking lots in May… and TAKE YOUR DOG WITH YOU!!!

Here is the Printable PDF you can use to track your progress: WalkEverydayinMay